10 tips for becoming a Gelato Chef

For more than 50 years, PreGel has been a point of reference in the gelato, pastry and bar industry. Thanks to its dedication to innovation and the deep experience in this sector, today PreGel can offer ideas and solutions suitable for the needs of all aspiring artisan Gelato Chefs.


Here you can find some tips that will help you to open a gelato shop and realise your dream:

1) Find your way!

Artisan gelato can be a successful business, but this is not the only possible way: soft serve and gelato shop, frozen yogurt shop, bar and gelato shop can be excellent options. For this reason, create your own offerings and make it unique in comparison to the competitors.

2) Make a business plan activity.

A complete and clear investment plan is a necessary strategic step for all those who want to open an artisan gelato shop. This, in fact, will help you to have an overall view of the global economic investment ahead. How to make a business plan? Here are some suggestions.

3) Nervous about Bureaucracy procedures? Find someone to help!

Opening a gelato shop can be a challenge for those who are entering the world for the first time. Therefore, in the starting stages, it is recommended to be guided by experts or consultants.

4) Catch their eyes!

It is statistically proven that artisan gelato is mainly characterised as an impulse consumption. For this reason, you must be able to catch the attention of people passing by your shop for the first time and turn them into customers.

How? First of all, choose a catchy shop name and an attractive logo, and most of all, create a fascinating gelato showcase: this will be the business card of your shop. Make it delicious, tasty and always keep it clean.

5) Make them comfortable.

The interior décor is another important element in any gelato shop: it must be comfortable and feel like a place for a sweet moment of relaxation. Choose the design that will help you to communicate both the quality and value of your products. Then, if you have space available, add tables and chairs to extend the busy season during the coldest months.

6) Choose the best ingredients!

To make an excellent artisan gelato, it is indispensable to use the best ingredients and high quality raw materials. For years, PreGel has represented a real point of reference for all gelato and pastry chefs worldwide. Our goal, in fact, is to provide ingredients and solutions to make a consistently high quality artisan gelato. As we like to say, perfect artisan gelato has two characteristics: your passion, our ingredients.

7) Invest in your training.

The difference between a successful gelato chef and the competitors starts with an intense fundamentals training, consistent courses to keep up-to-date on skills and trends, and by creating an original and dynamic product offer. PreGel, conscious of the importance of training courses, has developed a complete range of training classes to meet the needs of both expert professionals and beginners. The classes provide all the tools necessary to manage an artisan gelato shop and make it a successful business.
Would you like to learn more about our training courses? Join us at PreGel International Training Centers.

8) Never cease to amaze.

Being a chef is a creative job. You have to invent new recipes and always try to amaze your customers with original flavours. However, don’t forget the great classics: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, frozen yogurt, strawberry and pistachio, are crucial in any successful gelato shop.

9) If your artisan gelato is a masterpiece, spread the news!

Making a high quality artisan gelato is an excellent starting point, but it is not enough. Today it’s essential to communicate its quality to the customers. First, define the target market of your shop and then develop a communication strategy. Be social: using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks can be useful to spread news of your sweet creations.

10) And finally, remember that there’s always a good reason to party!

The inauguration is a crucial opportunity to establish a great reputation. Organise birthdays, children’s parties and gelato-tastings to make your clients loyal customers that will keep coming back to your shop all year long.

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